Monday, August 7, 2017

A big thank you to our residents ...

It's been a busy summer so far in Eagle Nest -- and we have our wonderful, supportive residents, Social Committee and volunteer Board to thank for that. Every event has been well attended and seems to bring out more residents and new faces every time. It's fantastic to see the continuation of old traditions and the start of new ones. Thanks to everyone who attended or volunteered at:

Annual Pool
Party opening:
Kudos go out to Pool Manager Susan Anderson and her team for opening on time Memorial Day weekend, providing excellent guard support and maintaining a top-notch facility at full schedule all summer. And thanks to the replacement of all three aging pumps and few major summer storms, we seem to have escaped the green algae plumes that have plagued our water and forced temporary closures the past two years. Watch the blog later this month for details on a modified schedule of hours as we near the end of the season.

July 4 Kids Parade: Once again, kids of all ages and their parents turned out with decorated wagons, bikes and strollers for what has become a popular event among families, and capped with treats at the Clubhouse afterward. Thanks to the Social Committee for its continued support in sponsoring this event.

Family Fun Nights/Jet's Pizza: Every Thursday for the past two months, Jet's Pizza camped out at the Clubhouse to sell more than 100 $5 personal pizzas (cheese, sausage and pepperoni) -- a convenient dinner option that had residents clamoring for a return next year. Good news! Jet's will be back in 2018! We know not everyone is a fan of pizza, so if you have an "in" with area food trucks or catering vendors please contact Social Committee head Alice Miley at and we'll add them to the rotation.

Crime Watch: Thanks to the leadership of Board member Carolyn Goldenetz, our quarterly meetings at the Clubhouse have been nothing short of a success. More than 100 residents have attended one meeting or another this year, and support continues to grow. (Could it be because of the free, fancy deserts provided?) Our August 1 meeting on National Night Out drew more than 20 people, two city representatives (IMPD and Prosecutor's Office) and District 4 Councilor Michael McQuillen (above). Common concerns/topics discussed: more patrols during LN games, best types of residential security systems/cameras, recent break-in along Teel Way. Carolyn is always looking for ideas (not to mention eyes and ears for each block), so email her at to volunteer. Up next: October 3, a home security expert discusses options tailored to today's busy lifestyles. Watch the blog for more information as the dates nears.

Annual Summer Party: The weather was iffy, but that didn't dampen the spirits of those who turned out for our longest-running neighborhood event (tied with our annual Pool Party, actually). Several dozen folks turned out to enjoy fried chicken, lemonade and beer provided by the Board, as well as a bevy of side dishes contributed by residents, including deviled eggs, green bean casserole, pasta salads, hot dogs, chips, corn bread and plenty of deserts (hungry yet?). It was a relaxing afternoon enjoyed by an even mix of newcomers and longtimers -- just the way it should be. Feeling left out? Watch the blog for the Social Committee's fall lineup, including a possible Colts watch party, a chili cookoff, maybe even a wine tasting. Suffice to say, there's always something going on at the Clubhouse! Stay tuned!

In closing, thank you. Thank you for being such great neighbors, for being engaged, for your feedback, for your support. Sure, there's always something to work on, something to improve; our resident-inspired movement to update the controlling documents is an example (more on that in the next month or so). But your Board would like to think that Eagle Nest is and will continue to be a neighborhood gem unlike any other and a residential destination for years to come. But we can't do it without you.

Feel free contact me or any Board member with questions or concerns -- we are here for you. Have a great rest of the summer!

Scott Thien
Eagle Nest President, on behalf of the ENPOA Board

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Annual Summer Party- Sunday Aug.6

    Eagle Nest Annual Summer Party is Sunday, August 6, at 1 p.m. at the clubhouse.  The association will provide fried chicken and hot dogs, along with lemonade and beer for the adults.  All neighbors are asked to bring a side dish to share.  The pool staff will lead some games for the kids.
   This is our annual party to celebrate summer and our pool season.  Come and chat with your neighbors and enjoy good food and drink.
   This Thursday night is our last scheduled Family Fun Night at the pool with Jet's Pizza selling $5 pizzas from 5-7.  Show your appreciation to Jet's Pizza by buying a pizza tonight!

submitted by Alice Miley

Monday, July 31, 2017

Tuesday, August 1: Celebrate National Night Out at 7 p.m. at the Clubhouse

National Night Out -- Tuesday, August 1 --  is a unique crime prevention event designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness; generate support for and participation in local anticrime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and send a message to criminals to that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

Eagle Nest is celebrating with dessert at the Clubhouse so you can meet your neighbors and build resident awareness. One of IMPD's North District police officers will pay a visit, too, so stop by! The event starts at 7 p.m.

Questions? Want to help with our Eagle Nest Crime Watch efforts? Contact neighborhood coordinator and Board member Carolyn Goldenetz at

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Missing part of your shed and yard tools? Flood washed it onto Warbler sidewalk

Warbler Way and Bittern Lane residents,

Are you missing part of your plastic shed and some yard equipment? These items floated down the easement drainage swale between the two streets during this week's flash flooding. It's on the sidewalk in the 7700 block of Warbler (just up the street from the 3-way stop sign). Neighbors ask that you retrieve the materials at your earliest convenience. If it goes unclaimed too long it probably will wind up in the recycling truck. Please spread the word. Thanks!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Clubhouse and Pool updates ...

Fellow Eagle Nest residents,

The Board hopes everyone's summer is going well and that everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday. We wanted to pass along a few quick updates about our neighborhood amenities.

Clubhouse: You might have noticed the front entrance looks a little different. The Board last week removed the failing decade-old wooden steps and installed new concrete steps -- including a handicapped accessible ramp. Once the steps have completely cured, our contractor will add rails along the ramp to complete the project.

This improvement was made after continued feedback from residents, as well as the Board's goal to make our facilities more ADA compliant. Next steps include the construction of a sidewalk on the east side of the Clubhouse wheelchairs and strollers can better access the facility, although the timing of that project is still undetermined. Eventually, the primary entrance to the Pool could shift to the opening nearest the Playground, with the current entrance reserved for those who need special access. The Board also is looking into installing permanent picnic tables near the Playground.

Pool: After several years of wear and tear, our Poolside basketball goal rim finally fell apart and needed replacement. Our Pool staff repaired the goal several times -- a resident even tried to weld it to help save costs -- but in the end it was unsavable. So, ... we bought a new one, and we'd like to see this one last, of course.

Please be responsible pool basketball players -- don't hang on the rim, and avoid "slam dunks." Our guard staff will be watching the equipment closely to ensure proper use, and they have the Board's blessing to enforce the "you break it, you buy it" rule. This applies to all residents and their guests.

As always, the Board welcomes your suggestions (and yes, even complaints) to ensure Eagle Nest remains the residential destination in Indianapolis.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Movie night postponed

Movie night was supposed to be Thursday, July 6, but because the steps to the clubhouse were just redone, we are postponing until next Thursday night, July 13, at 7 p.m.  We are showing the movie "Moana" to go along with the free snow cones from Kona Ice that will be given out to the first 50 customers from 6- 7 p.m.  Also wear your favorite Hawaiian clothes to the movie in the clubhouse. Remember that Jet's Pizza will also be here from 5-7.  Have a fun Hawaiian night!!

submitted by Alice Miley

Sunday, July 2, 2017

3 Board members re-elected; rules changes initiative moves forward

A belated thanks to everyone who cast ballots for last month’s Annual Meeting. Nearly120 residents – one-fourth of the development – participated, the largest number of election returns in more than a decade, possibly longer. Equally as impressive, nearly 20 residents from all corners of the neighborhood attended the meeting to watch the proceedings and ask questions about the proposed rules changes.

All three directors on the slate – Judith Buddenbaum, Kim Isaak and Carolyn Goldenetz – were unanimously re-elected to another two-year term. There were no write-in candidates. The new Board also voted to elect officers for the 2017-18 term: Scott Thien as President, Jason Van Meter as Vice President, and Kim Isaak as Treasurer. Four Board positions will be up for grabs in June 2018.

Common questions by residents attending the meeting centered on the rules changes process and what comes next for the proposals. As previously mentioned, the Board needs 51 percent of the neighborhood (210 residents in good standing) to approve any one of the changes before it can be forwarded to our lawyer for crafting final language and written into our controlling documents. A summary of the vote totals collected to far appears above. Any additional changes or reversals would need to be approved by a majority of the development.

Several residents at the meeting voiced concerns about language in some of the proposed changes, namely the prohibition on commercially marked vehicles. Residents suggested amending the language to permit side door decals on vehicles as a compromise to a total ban. The Board also clarified that police, fire, state government and public service vehicles were exempt. Meanwhile, others were not aware that the Board could grant a temporary waiver for residents who need to park RVs, campers, boats, etc., in the development for more than 48 hours (i.e. holidays, race weekends). Under the proposed language, if approved, violators could be subject to towing, with charges billed to the lot owner.

Next steps? We know many residents were on vacation or unable to return their ballots by June 25, so your volunteer Board is preparing additional sweeps of the neighborhood to ensure every lot is reflected in the final vote tally, namely through direct mail and door-to-door visits by your Directors. Those rules changes that garner enough votes will move forward, those that don’t will die.

Thanks again to those who voted and those who attended the meeting. And for those who didn’t vote on the rules, the Board hopes to count on your support in the months ahead. Feel free to contact Board President Scott Thien at if you need another rules ballot, and he’ll get one to you. As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Lastly, remember that nothing will change without the majority will of residents. This initiative isn’t the product of an overzealous Board run amok. Instead, it is the result of years of complaints and suggestions and requests by residents for action. The Board is simply the mechanism to help effect change, and your Directors unanimously believe these measures will help ensure Eagle Nest remains a residential destination for years to come. The future of our development is in your hands.

TheEagle Nest Board